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A Message from Hamilton ACORN’s Political Action Committee - ACORN Canada

A Message from Hamilton ACORN’s Political Action Committee

ACORN’s political action committee sent a survey to candidates running in all 15 Wards and Mayor to see where they stand on the issues members want to see prioritized.

  • Tenant protections from displacement, substandard housing and extreme heat
  • Strong local policy to create affordable housing on public and private land
  • Municipal action on the digital divide

ACORN’s political action committee reviewed all the survey responses and took into consideration the candidates’ support to ACORN’s campaigns during the last four years. ACORN’s PAC has endorsed nine candidates (eight Councillors and one Mayor) for the October 24th Hamilton municipal election.

ACORN’s Political Action Committee – 2022 Municipal Candidate Endorsements

Ward 1 – Maureen Wilson
Ward 2 – Cameron Kroetsch
Ward 3 – Nrinder Nann
Ward 4 – Eric Tuck

Ward 5 – Lynda Lukasik
Ward 12 – Craig Cassar
Ward 13 – Alex Wilson
Ward 14 – Kojo Damptey

Mayor – Andrea Horwath

In total we received 30 survey responses. Any additional surveys received will be added to this list.

Ward 1 – Ian MacPherson, Maureen Wilson

Ward 2 – Robin McKee , Cameron Kroetsch, Jason Farr, Raquel Rakovac

Ward 3 – Laura Farr, Nrinder Nann

Ward 4 – Eric Tuck, Laura Taylor, Pascale Marchand, Robert Paris, Tammy Hwang

Ward 5 – Bob Hurst, Kevin Greenen, Krysta Boyer, Lynda Lukasik

Ward 6 – Chris Slye, Stefan Spolnik, Tom Jackson

Ward 7 – Scott Duvall

Ward 8 – Anthony Frisina, Joshua Czerniga

Ward 12 – Craig Cassar, Robert Baboth

Ward 13 – Alex Wilson

Ward 14 – Brian Lewis, Kojo Damptey

Mayor – Andrea Horwath, Keanin Loomis


Read Hamilton Acorn’s 2022 Municipal Platform here.


Are you a tenant? Make sure to vote on October 24th!

You are eligible to vote if, on voting day, you:

  • Are a Canadian citizen
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Reside in Hamilton

Am I on the voter list?
Check here.

Can I still vote if I’m not on the Voters List?
Yes, when you arrive at your voting location election staff will add you onto the Voters’ List. You will need to bring a piece of ID which shows both your name, and your qualifying Hamilton address.

*Note: This document is from ACORN’s Political Action Committee which is a different entity than ACORN Canada*