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Check out our BC ACORN leaders

Melanie Campbell

Co-Chair New Westminster ACORN

Melanie has been an active BC ACORN member for a decade. Her campaign work has focused on stopping predatory lending in British Columbia. She has also worked on disability rights and ending the digital divide campaigns. In addition to being Co-Chair, Melanie is also the former Chair of New Westminster ACORN

Tabitha Naismith

Chair – Newton ACORN and National Board Representative

Tabitha Naismith has been very active with ACORN since she signed up in 2013, as a champion of anti-poverty issues and both disability rights. Thanks to her tireless advocacy, BC ACORN’s Disability Rights Group won their first major victory on their End the Child Support Clawback Campaign. Tabitha currently lives with her two. children in the community of Newton in Surrey, British Columbia.

Murray Martin

Acting Chair of Burnaby ACORN

Murray has been involved with stopping Demovictions in Burnaby, since getting involved with BC ACORN in 2013. His ongoing efforts have resulted in the development of Burnaby’s Tenant Assistance Policy which included many of ACORN’s policy proposals. To this day this policy remains the gold standard for municipal tenant policy in Canada.

Bryn Smith

Acting Chair of Guildford-Surrey ACORN

Bryn is a newly elected Acting Chair of Guildford-Surrey ACORN. Leading campaigns in Guildford-Surrey since 2019, Bryn has been actively participating in various events, including the ACORN’s recent COVID-19 Campaigns.

Tara Black

Chair of North Surrey ACORN

Tara has been an active BC ACORN member for almost four years. Her campaign work is focusing on the Housing crisis in Surrey, British Columbia. She has launched a new campaign, Stand Up for Housing Campaign.

Akram Fakhfakh

Co-Chair of North Surrey ACORN and National Board Representative

Having joined ACORN in June 2020, Akram is one of the newest elected leaders on the rise. He quickly took on leadership roles by chairing local meetings, leading the tenant union group in his building, participating in various group actions, launched a new campaign, Stand Up for Housing Campaign.

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