Internet For All

ACORN’s 2019 survey shows that people have to make multiple sacrifices in order to pay for the internet. ACORN launched the Internet for All campaign in 2013 which calls for affordable, high-speed internet for all low-income people and fixed-income seniors. ACORN won the federal Connecting Families program which meant $80 million dollars into the hands of SOME low income parents and recently to SOME low-income seniors. ACORN also won affordable internet programs from Rogers and TELUS, but it still remains a patchwork of programs. ACORN continues to fight for affordable, high-speed internet that is universal for all low-income people and mandatory for all telecoms to provide it.

ACORN’s demands

  • The federal government should provide affordable, high speed internet access by making the Connecting Families Program universal to include all low-income people and fixed-income seniors at $10/month and 50/10 Mbps speed.
  • Make the program mandatory for all telecoms. Telecoms such as Eastlink currently do not opt-in!