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News Archive - ACORN Canada

News ‘In the line of fire’: Tenants protest in Scarborough over Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ Bill 23

Posted November 24th, 2022 Ontario’s government says Bill 23 will build 1.5 million homes. But who will live…

Posted November 24, 2022

The London Free Press: ‘Shameful’: Residents go without heat for months in apartment building

Published November 23rd, 2022 Residents of a north London apartment building who have been without heat for months…

Posted November 23, 2022

Attn: Toronto City Council

ACORN members believe in democracy and strongly believe that council votes should remain at majority rule. Bill 39…

Posted November 23, 2022

Toronto tenant action against Medallion

On Saturday November 19th, Toronto Downtown ACORN tenants and allies held an action at the Medallion owned complex…

Posted November 21, 2022

ACORN calls on Premier Doug Ford to Stop Demoviction Bill 23

[embed][/embed]   ACORN continues its fight to scrap the Demoviction Bill 23. ACORN members did actions again on…

Posted November 21, 2022

Hamilton ACORN takes action against Equiton, fight back for repairs and AGIs!

 Amazing tenant action in front of 125 Wellington / 50 Cathcart today to demand the landlord Equiton respond…

Posted November 18, 2022

‘Absolute disaster’: Tenants’ group fights proposed provincial housing law

The London chapter of a national tenants' group is raising the alarm over the province's proposed legislation to…

Posted November 18, 2022

Ici Radio-Canada: Manifestation à Ottawa contre la loi 23 sur le logement du gouvernement Ford

Published November 15th, 2022 Plusieurs personnes se sont réunies devant l’hôtel de ville d’Ottawa, mardi après-midi, afin de…

Posted November 17, 2022

Bill 23 accelerates demovictions, destroys affordable housing

Canada’s housing crisis needs solutions, especially in Ontario where rents are skyrocketing. One solution being touted as a…

Posted November 16, 2022

Tenants at 2089 & 2099 Lawrence Ave W take action!

Toronto ACORN held a tenant speakout with tenants of 2089 and 2099 Lawrence Ave W on Saturday, November…

Posted November 7, 2022

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