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New Brunswick ACORN - ACORN Canada

New Brunswick ACORN

Check out our New Brunswick ACORN leaders

Nichola Taylor


Since reaching out to ACORN to get help in fighting a renoviction Nichola has been a positive force to be reckoned with. Since being elected Chair of NB ACORN in June of 2022, Nichola has organized actions and rallies around NB ACORN’s groundbreaking Rent Cap and Renoviction Ban campaigns. She is ACORN’s (and working class tenants) primary spokesperson in New Brunswick.

Peter Jongeneelen


Peter - along with his partner Vanessa Jones - have not so quietly turned Moncton ACORN into a well oiled machine for building working class tenant power. It’s rare that two weeks go by without Peter organizing an action that lands ACORN on the front pages of New Brunswick’s newspapers.

Glen Harris


Glen joined ACORN in 2022 and quickly showed a passion to get things done, in an organized fashion, and was elected secretary months after getting involved!

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