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Vanessa Badger

Chair - Calgary East

Vanessa is a Cree/Nakoda First Nations woman who has lived in the East End Calgary neighbourhood of Forest Lawn for 35 years. She is passionate about fighting inequality and racism in Calgary and is active in the community volunteer group Yethka Voices of the Greater Forest Lawn.

Sam Green

Co-Chair - Calgary East

Sam first got involved with ACORN in the UK and upon immigrating to Calgary was instrumental in the formation of Calgary's East End chapter.

Keegan Colwell

Chair - North West Calgary

Keegan got involved with ACORN after his $400/month rent increase led him to start an ACORN tenant union in his apartment building in Kensington. Keegan is a student at the University of Calgary where he manages the campus literary magazine. He hopes to study architecture for his Masters degree.

Diana Bliss

Co-Chair - North West Calgary

Diana lives in Calgary Community Housing in the NW of Calgary. She got involved in ACORN because every person should have good housing and there are no excuses for the problems happening right now in Calgary, in Alberta, and in Canada.

William Gillies

Secretary - North West Calgary

William lives in the NW of Calgary and got involved because of the massive rent increases happening in AB. He wants to fight for solutions like rent control to address not only his rent increase, but the ones happening all over Alberta.

Maggy Wlodarczyk

Chair - Calgary City Centre

Maggy lives in downtown Calgary with her son. She got involved in ACORN in early 2023 to fight back against the housing crisis in Alberta and across Canada. Maggy soon started leading meetings, actions and doing media interviews to increase the visibility of the issues ACORN is fighting for!

Linda Leger

Co-Chair - Calgary City Centre

Linda has been a low-income renter since she was 16 years old, currently living in Bankview. Linda got involved in ACORN after receiving a 100% rent increase and her involvement has since evolved to fight for effective changes to help all Calgarians facing issues with housing, food and utility payments and much more!

Chance Gillcash

Secretary - Calgary City Centre

Chance lives in the Beltine community of Calgary. He got involved in ACORN to fight back against landlords and for tenants everywhere!

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