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Alberta ACORN

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Vanessa Badger

Chair - Calgary East

Vanessa is a Cree/Nakoda First Nations woman who has lived in the East End Calgary neighbourhood of Forest Lawn for 35 years. She is passionate about fighting inequality and racism in Calgary and is active in the community volunteer group Yethka Voices of the Greater Forest Lawn.

Sam Green

Co-Chair - Calgary East

Sam first got involved with ACORN in the UK and upon immigrating to Calgary was instrumental in the formation of Calgary's East End chapter.

Fable Dowling

Chair - Calgary City Centre

Fable was born and raised in Calgary. A recent graduate of the University of Calgary he now works in an elementary school library

Angelica Nightingale

Co-Chair City Centre

Angelica got involved with ACORN so she could get repairs done in her building. Since then she has become a fixture at all Calgary ACORN meetings and actions.

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