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Calgary Action for Rent Control! - ACORN Canada

Calgary Action for Rent Control!

Posted March 22, 2023


Calgary members held a demonstration for rent control in Alberta at the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service office today on March 22, 2023. 25 ACORN members came out to demand that Alberta put in place a cap of 2% on annual rent increases, as well as a registry for rental units. Albertans are FED UP the Government of Alberta failing to protect tenants from predatory landlords who have been hiking up the cost of rent for too long!

ACORN members are seeing large rent increases across the board in Calgary. Calgary East-End Chapter Chair Vanessa Badger spoke about her recent 200$ rent increase. “I get $1500 in disability. My rent is being raised to 1200. How am I supposed to survive and provide for my son on $300 a month?”

Members marched into the RTDRS to personally deliver our letter of demands to RTDRS director Patricia Tolppanen, but were not allowed to enter the office.

There was press from various news outlets in attendance and many passers by cheered in support of rent control in Alberta.