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Marie Lourdes Garnier

Chair of the South Ottawa Chapter

Marie is a strong, francophone ACORN leader from Haiti. She has been a fierce campaigner for child care issues. She has passionately led many of ACORN’s campaigns since 2012, on issues such as minimum wage increases and community benefits agreements.

Ginelise Edouard

Chair of the Ottawa West Nepean Chapter

Ginelise has been an Ottawa ACORN member for over a decade. A mother of 11 children, Ginelise has made fighting for her Ottawa Community Housing neighbourhood a priority. She has also organized on other ACORN campaigns, including raising the rates for social assistance recipients.

Norma-Jean Quibell

Co-Chair of the Ottawa West Nepean ACORN Chapter

Norma-Jean joined ACORN in early 2018 after attending the launch of our municipal elections platform – the Agenda for Change. Over the past couple years Norma-Jean has quickly become one of our most active members pushing for justice on issues like the digital divide, low social assistance and MORE! Norma-Jean is currently studying law at Algonquin College.

Pascal Kakule

Co-Chair of the Central Ottawa Chapter

Pascal Kakule has been an extremely active member since joining the organization in December 2020. Pascal is a student and father of five living in Sandy Hill. He first became involved in developing Ottawa ACORN’s new campaign for municipal broadband. Since joining, Pascal has been vocal in fighting for #Internet4All by leading actions, presenting at townhalls and talking to the press! His aim is to influence more francophones to join ACORN.

Bader Abu Zahra

Chair of Ottawa-Vanier ACORN Chapter

Bader is a retired engineer. He immigrated to Canada in the early 70s and since then has been involved in community struggles for social justice. After being encouraged by his daughter to join ACORN, Bader has become a committed member on several campaigns. These include affordable and livable housing, fair banking and he was an essential part of the push for a mobile COVID19 testing site in the east end of Ottawa.

Meagan Wiper

Co-Chair of Ottawa-Vanier ACORN Chapter

Meagan Wiper joined ACORN after being frustrated with her landlord who neglected repairs and his tenants. Meagan quickly became an active member in the fight for healthy homes and has helped grow the organization in many ways – from doing data entry at the office, petitioning, phone outreach to other members to doing media interviews and co-facilitating meetings, Meagan has done it all!

Amanda Teske

Chair of Nepean Chapter - Ottawa

Amanda Teske, an animated and energetic leader, joined ACORN in 2022 during a door-knocking campaign, and within a few weeks was elected Chair of the newly formed Nepean Chapter. With a particular interest in Tenant's Rights and fighting bad landlords, she looks forward to growing with members new and old!


Chair of the Central Ottawa Chapter

Eddy was born and raised in Ottawa and has been fighting for social justice since he was 18 years old. He joined ACORN in the late 2010s after seeing the power of grassroots organizing at first hand. He is passionate about climate justice because by building more sustainable communities, we can help not just our neighbours but tenants and workers around the world

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