NB Tenant Action – 185 McSweeney Ave

Posted June 21, 2024

The McSweeney Tenant Action held in Moncton on June 19th was not just an event—it was a rallying cry for justice and change. The McSweeney community gathered in force, united against the substandard living conditions that have plagued their homes for too long. These passionate tenants took a stand, demanding nothing less than what they deserve: safe, dignified housing.

New Brunswick ACORN led the charge, calling out not only the negligent landlord but also the City of Moncton, urging them to uphold their own bylaw Z-507 and enforce the provincial Residential Properties Maintenance and Occupancy Code.

More and more tenants are realizing that they can have basic rights in New Brunswick. Tenants just need to fight for it, as Ida Chavarie is doing. This is just the beginning of our journey toward stringent property standards enforcement in New Brunswick. We need better living conditions, and together, we will continue to fight until every home in Moncton meets the standards it deserves.