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Tenants locked out of Surrey City Hall as council votes to approve demovictions - ACORN Canada

Tenants locked out of Surrey City Hall as council votes to approve demovictions

Posted July 10, 2024

Last night, over forty ACORN members, tenants, and community allies rallied outside of Surrey City Hall to demand City Council vote against the redevelopment of 13265 104 Ave, known as Elizabeth Manor — a low-rise apartment building that’s home to more than fifty low-income families and some of the last affordable rental prices in Surrey.

Despite a public hearing being held inside, Surrey City Hall was closed to the public. Tenants had to call into the hearing over the phone to voice their opposition, and watched a TV screen pressed up against City Hall’s glass windows to follow along with the proceedings and learn of the fate of their homes.

Eight people spoke in opposition to the demovictions, including Elizabeth Manor tenants, residents of other nearby low-rise apartment buildings, and ACORN leaders and members from across Surrey. Many tenants said that if they lose their current apartments, there’s nowhere else to go that they can afford, putting them and their neighbours at risk of homelessness.

Despite impassioned speeches imploring City Council to do the right thing and vote no, Mayor Brenda Locke and Surrey City Council unanimously approved the demovictions without debate. Elizabeth Manor now joins countless other affordable housing units being lost to luxury condo developers all across Surrey.

Despite the loss, tenants continue to organize with ACORN to protect their communities and fight against displacement. ACORN is calling on the City of Surrey to adopt the demands included in our 2021 Surrey ACORN Housing Platform, including a strong anti-displacement bylaw that includes:

  • An obligation for the landlord to find interim housing nearby for tenants displaced by demolition and construction;
  • An obligation for the landlord to provide rental top-ups that cover the difference between tenants’ rent and the rent for the interim housing; and
  • A guaranteed right of first refusal that offers tenants a new unit after construction is completed at the same rent they were paying before.

ACORN has already won similar policies in Burnaby and Toronto, so we know it’s possible. As demovictions continue to rip apart our communities, we need the City of Surrey to act now.


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