Tenant Rights in Ontario

Posted on August 26, 2020

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Protecting Tenants' Rights in Ontario: In light of the range of issues that tenants face, ACORN has put together two presentations with the objective of providing information to tenants about their rights.

The issues that these presentations cover include:

1. Evictions, click here

2. Above the Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs), click here

Enhancing Access to Fair Banking: Many low-to-moderate income people lack access to mainstream financial institutions due to which they have to rely on high interest loans such as Payday/ Instalment Loans. The presentation on Payday/ Instalment Loans highlights the aspects that you must know if you have to take out a payday/instalment loan and who you could approach in case you need to file a complaint.

To view the presentation, click here

We hope you find these useful.