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MetCap Tenant Union - ACORN Canada

MetCap Tenant Union

ACORN Tenant Union has been active in MetCap buildings since 2004, when ACORN President Marva Burnet joined ACORN and won improvements in her apartment in Scarborough. Since then ACORN has been organized in dozens of MetCap buildings, winning significant victories in Dartmouth, Halifax, Mississauga, Toronto, New Westminster, and Burnaby. 
Power in numbers is not just something ACORN says, it’s our specialty. And when you are up against a company the size of MetCap you gotta think BIG.  When you are up against the provincial government fighting for an overhaul of the landlord tenant laws, you NEED to be BIG – a neighbourhood group won’t cut it. 
Big does not mean you don’t have control over the Tenant Union in your building, you absolutely do!   If tenants in your building identify a particular issue that needs urgent action – that will be the focus of the group. The tenants own the group. 
What Big does mean is that tenants can work together across the country in-order to maximize our strength, share ideas, and be able to get real leverage on corporate landlords like yours.  
By signing up, your name will be added to every growing list.  We will link you with other tenants in your building wanting to organize, as well to ACORN leaders in your city that are winning victories for tenants. 
If you are active in an existing Tenant Association in your building, and are interested in learning the benefits of affiliating your group with ACORN please indicate in the “other comment section”. 
Read more about ACORN’s Campaigns here: 
Nova Scotia:  Stop COVID Evictions – Leading the province wide campaign to force Premier MacNeill to prevent evictions due to COVID. Check out our demands and online action here
Ontario:  Kill Bill 184 – Ontario ACORN has a track record of winning victories into law, and our members across the province are working hard to stop Doug Ford’s Eviction Bill 184 – which strips rights away from tenants in the middle of the global pandemic.  Check out our demands and online action
BC Vacancy Control: After success in it’s historic fight in Burnaby to stop mass demovictions, BC ACORN has its sights set at forcing the BC NDP government to live up to its reputation of defending the working class by bringing in Vacancy Rent Control laws that would stop renovictions and skyrocketing rent increases for tenants. Check out our online action here
If you have any questions – email and an organizer will be in touch.