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Internet for All - ACORN Canada

Internet for All

Support the Internet for All Campaign

In this day and age, access to the internet has become a necessity for people to get ahead. The high cost of service, however, severely affects access to opportunities in the job market, in school, and in many other aspects of daily life. ACORN Canada members are demanding $10/month high-speed internet for low-income families as part of our Internet for All campaign.
During the COVID-19 crisis, many low-income people are relying on the Internet for school, work, food deliveries, telemedicine, communication with fam. and more. But high prices are causing people to sacrifice other needed items. Further, many low-income people just can’t afford the internet.
Low-income people across Canada, while isolating at home, urgently need unlimited internet access and affordable wireless plans to stay connected to vital services and everyday life.
ACORN did a survey reaching out to close to 600 of our ACORN members in 2019. Out of low-income respondents with household incomes under $30,000, only 80% had home internet.  Of the 78 respondents without home internet, 72% identified cost as the main reason.  65% of respondents said they had to sacrifice things like food, medication to afford their home internet.
We need urgent action from the Government, the CRTC and the telecom industry to do the following during the “pandemic and recovery period” and for 6 months thereafter.