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Internet for All!

ACORN Canada has been fighting for affordable and accessible Internet for All - and now the CRTC has passed the buck to the Ministry of Innovation to make high speed internet affordable for low and moderate income people!

ODSP & OW: Let us keep our money! / Laissez-nous garder notre argent!

Ontario ACORN is organizing to increase the thresholds for clawbacks and assets for ODSP and OW recipients. The government of Ontario could raise thousands of people out of poverty if they would only change the rules around what we are allowed to keep without even raising the budget! Let us keep our money! * ACORN Ontario s’organise pour faire augmenter le seuil de la récupération de revenu et les limites de l’avoir pour les bénéficiaires de POSPH et OT. Le gouvernement de l’Ontario peut, sans augmenter le budget, sortir des milliers de personnes de la pauvreté en changeant seulement les règles sur ce que nous pouvons garder !
Laissez-nous garder notre argent!

Support Fair Banking! // Campagne pour des services bancaires équitables

Millions of Canadians are excluded from the mainstream banking sector, giving rise to a growing predatory lending industry. That’s why ACORN Canada is fighting for Fair Banking (including Postal Banking). We want the federal government to legislate the Canadian banking sector to stop pushing low and moderate income families to predatory banking services.