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Ottawa ACORN Eco-Tenant Survey - ACORN Canada

Ottawa ACORN Eco-Tenant Survey

If you’re an Ottawa renter, fill out this survey to help inform ACORN’s work on housing & climate change!

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How Housing Justice IS Climate Justice:

As the impacts of climate change become more frequent and severe it is becoming increasingly obvious that those dealing with the brunt of the consequences are low to moderate income tenants. Tenants in Ottawa are no exception. Often already paying too much for too little, tenants have no control over the type of heating or cooling systems their building uses, how energy efficient their appliances are or how insulated their walls and roofs are. At the same time, not only are they the ones living in these increasingly unsafe homes, they are often the ones footing the ever increasing utility bills.

As the operation of buildings accounts for almost half of all Ottawa’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it is critical that all levels of government take action to facilitate the retrofitting of apartment buildings and rental townhomes.

Retrofitting means making improvements that make your home more energy efficient, resulting in repairs and upgrades that tenants want and are good for the environment. It can be as small as resealing windows or upgrading light fixtures or as big as replacing heating/cooling systems with renewable technologies. By investing in retrofits you reap a number of co-benefits. Retrofits make the building immediately more efficient, which translates to reduced energy costs and maintenance requirements long term. They also make homes safer and healthier for tenants, while reducing the cost burden for everyone involved.

The Bottom Line:

It is vital that while we push for more rental buildings to be retrofitted, that we advocate for tenant protections that prevent landlords from passing the costs of these improvements onto tenants through increased rents or renovictions. Tenants shouldn’t have to choose between a home they can afford and fighting climate change.

Ottawa ACORN is getting organized on these issues. You can get involved by:

1. Filling out our survey:
2. Starting an ACORN Eco-Tenant Union in your building
3. Joining our citywide network of tenants taking climate action

Reach out to for more information.