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Local Leaders – Ottawa - ACORN Canada

Local Leaders – Ottawa

Meet the leaders of some of the local ACORN chapters

Marie Lourdes Garnier 
Chair of the South Ottawa Chapter  
Marie Lourdes Garnier is a strong, francophone ACORN leader from Haiti who works in child care. She has passionately led many of ACORN’s campaigns since 2012 on issues such as raise the minimum wage, community benefits agreements and MORE! 
Ginelise Edouard 
Chair of the Britannia Chapter 
Ginelise Edouard has been an Ottawa ACORN member for over a decade. A mother of 11 children, Ginelise has made fighting for her Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) neighbourhood on Ramsey a priority as well as other ACORN campaigns like raising the rates for social assistance recipients. 
Blaine Cameron 
Chair of the Central Ottawa Chapter 
Blaine Cameron is an active member of the NDP and joined ACORN after an organizer knocked on his door in 2012 when he was living in a substandard housing unit in Vanier. Since then he’s become a leader on the frontlines for landlord licensing and other citywide to national campaigns – from affordable housing to internet for all! 
Andrea Terry 
Acting Chair of the Carlington Chapter
Andrea Terry has been a loyal member of ACORN ever since we started organizing in the city almost 15 years ago. Andrea is a fierce advocate for the safety and wellbeing of her OCH community on Caldwell and fights to change the issues that matter most to the tenants and families that live there – raising social assistance rates and improving the state of housing.