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Nova Scotia - ACORN Canada

Nova Scotia

Syd Blum

Acting Chair of the Halifax-Peninsula chapter

Sydnee, or Syd, joined ACORN in April 2020 after collecting 10,000 names on an online petition calling for a COVID Rent Freeze. She quickly became a force in ACORN and has been active ever since.

Heather Clark

Chair of Halifax Mainland Chapter

Heather joined ACORN in 2023, motivated by the housing crisis in Nova Scotia. Frustrated with the lack of tenant organization in her community, Heather took matters into her own hands. Working with existing and new leadership, she helped re-establish HRM Mainland ACORN as a place for tenant action.

Kwasi Asare

Co-Chair of HRM Mainland

Kwasi joined ACORN in 2023 and became active in HRM Mainland chapter meetings right away. Kwasi works closely with HRM Mainland Chair Heather Clarke, is a mainstay at ACORN actions around HRM, and has a special interest in politics.

Brin Jones

Secretary of HRM Mainland Chapter

Brin became active in ACORN in 2021 when NS ACORN was engaged in large fights for rent control and affordable housing. She lives in Spryfield and takes time out of her busy schedule to help the chapter stay on track in her role as secretary.

Fabian (Pat) Donovan

Co-Chair of the Halifax-Mainland Chapter

Born in Glace Bay Nova Scotia, Pat grew up in Halifax, where he moved after his father was laid off from the coal mines. His childhood in the 60s and 70s during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war, as well as the music of the time, helped form the beliefs he holds today. Pat has been fighting for rent control and rights for marginalized people for the last 50 years.

Marjorie Pemberton

Secretary of the Halifax-Mainland Chapter

Marjorie has been a member of ACORN for 4 years, and was inspired to help lead her chapter by the amazing members she has met in her time here. From a young age she has believed in the power of the people, and has dedicated her senior years to fighting for our rights! She believes honesty, hard team work, and a lot of putting one foot in front of the other will bring us justice, and she’s ready to fight for it!

Lisa Hayhurst

Chair of Dartmouth ACORN

Lisa brings her experience helping lead Nova Scotia ACORN’s successful Rent Control Now campaign to the ACORN Canada national board, where she sits as a Nova Scotia rep. Lisa is currently focussed on winning a landlord licensing system in the Halifax Regional Municipality and being a thorn in the side of her negligent landlord.

Tim Allenby

Co-Chair of Dartmouth ACORN

Tim brings his activist knowledge to the table at every meeting and assists Lisa and the other leaders in the HRM in developing strong campaigns for housing justice. Tim was very active in Nova Scotia’s ACORN successful rent control campaign, and continues to help lead up the provincial housing campaigns in the province.