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Community Organizer – Metro Vancouver - ACORN Canada

Community Organizer – Metro Vancouver

Posted January 12, 2022

ACORN is looking for a Community Organizer to build power to fight for social and economic change in Metro-Vancouver.

ACORN is a mass-based membership organization and a direct action community union. By taking action on issues that affect us, we win real changes to our lives and build power in our communities.

About the job

As a community organizer with ACORN, you will be responsible for recruiting, supporting and working with members to take action on issues affecting them and the communities they come from. 

ACORN is a union in the community. Like any union our members pay membership dues so that they can have a sustainable, independent organization to fight for their interests.

As an ACORN organizer, your daily work will involve: 

  • Recruiting individual ACORN Members through door-knocking, street canvassing, phone calls, and home-visits (outreach changes depending on COVID19 protocol).
  • Managing organizing drives to build new and maintain existing neighbourhood chapters
  • Identifying issues of common concern at the neighbourhood and wider level
  • Organizing actions, protests, and meetings to further the goals of our campaigns
  • Identifying and supporting potential community leaders to enable them to take on leadership roles in the organization
  • Supporting elected leaders to enable them to carry out their roles.  

Hours are 12pm-9pm Mon-Thursday, 1-8pm Friday, and 4 hours every other Saturday. 

Salary starts at $36,839 and goes up after the 3 month training period. Benefits (or pay-in-lieu), 2 weeks paid vacation, paid sick days, and an RRSP match start at 6 months.


No formal qualifications or education are necessary. We’re primarily looking for someone with a strong work ethic, good listening skills and the ability to motivate others.


Having access to a car for transportation is not required but very helpful, as we are often organizing in communities across Metro-Van. ACORN provides a gas and transit reimbursement.
Proficiency in another language is helpful so organizers are able to communicate verbally and in writing with the communities we serve (no formal qualification required).

ACORN is committed to investing in the continued development of our organizing staff. Training is intensive for the first 3 months as organizers-in-training learn to build a local group, identify community issues, plan actions, and develop leaders in the community to fight back on the issues that matter to them. Training is ongoing after this, with opportunities to learn to organize in other cities. 

To better prepare yourself for the interview process, if you are selected, visit our website and social media at: | Twitter: @BCACORN | Facebook: BC ACORN

To apply: Email resume and cover letter to