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Calgary ACORN Eco Tenant Survey - ACORN Canada

Calgary ACORN Eco Tenant Survey

Low-to-moderate income people around the world bear the brunt of the negative effects associated with climate change. At the same time they have very little power to combat the greenhouse gas emissions that create climate change. Alberta tenants are in this unfortunate situation.

Tenants don’t control what heating system is used in their apartments, what types of insulation their buildings have, or how energy efficient the appliances are in their units. That is the landlord’s responsibility. At the same time often the costs for increased energy usage due to energy inefficiency is paid for by the tenants.

Apartment buildings and rented homes are a very large source of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing those emissions is an essential part of all levels of governments climate action plans, and they are beginning to provide financial incentives for owners to retrofit their buildings.

Apartment building retrofits can help create other positive impacts besides lowering green housing gas emissions. Those are called co-benefits. Lowered heating costs, ensuring rents are controlled when major renovations are done in buildings, increased health and safety for tenant families are all potential co-benefits of successful apartment retrofits .

This survey will help ACORN understand how to maximize co-benefits for tenants and show the need for government and landlord investment in retrofits, as well as making sure that retrofit projects meet our needs. This survey also helps us to understand what could be done to support ACORN members and tenants to get involved in environmental justice!

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