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Atlantic ACORN Full-Time Organizer - ACORN Canada

Atlantic ACORN Full-Time Organizer

Where you will work: Report to the Halifax ACORN office daily, work in the field.

Salary: $42,000 annually + benefits + transportation allowance

Training: Month-long, expenses-paid, out-of-town training.

Commitment: One-year minimum

ACORN is a community action group/union that punches above its weight class. If you want to actually win victories for tenants and working-class people—and not just talk about it—ACORN is the place for you.

Recent ACORN victories: Rent cap in Nova Scotia and for 10 months in New Brunswick; eviction protections in New Brunswick, landlord registration in the Halifax Regional Municipality. $10 NSF fees recently announced by the federal government.

Job Summary: Be the lead staff person for ACORN in Atlantic Canada responsible for events, campaigns, alliances, communications, and action. Help our dynamic membership in the HRM and across Nova Scotia as they move into exciting campaigns to ban fixed-term leases and bring in permanent rent control.

Four main roles of the job:

  • Membership growth and development: If ACORN is not growing, it is dying. An ACORN organizer knocks on doors and talks to community members directly every day. We are as good as our membership, so we are constantly working on expanding it.
  • Fundraising: Assist in bringing in revenues to the organization.
  • Working with the Atlantic ACORN leadership: Check in weekly and work with our dynamic leadership in Atlantic Canada.
  • Maintain and expand neighborhood chapters: Work in person with the three chapters ACORN has in the HRM, and remotely with our New Brunswick chapter. Communications: Be the point of contact for ACORN’s extensive list of media contacts. Manage social media and web communications working with ACORN Canada’s national staff team. Alliance building: Work with ACORN’s amazing allies to add strength to ACORN’s campaigns. Assist leadership in being stakeholders with government (HRM, provincial governments)

Qualifications and Skills Sets:

  • Strong social and people skills
  • Work ethic and self-discipline
  • Ability to work in a team setting, sometimes leading and sometimes following
  • Listening skills
  • Social media and communication skills
  • Conflict resolution

Hours and Compensation:

  • 42 hours per week
  • Work afternoons and evenings Monday through Friday and some weekends
  • Large room for growth in the organization.

Note: There is a part-time job opportunity available with fewer responsibilities and opportunities for advancement.

To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to