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ACORN Votes 2021 – Count on Me - ACORN Canada

ACORN Votes 2021 – Count on Me

Count On Me to vote for the priorities that ACORN members have identified in their platform for the upcoming federal election.

Count on me to support ACORN Canada’s platform:

 Affordable Housing

 Ending predatory lending / Fair Banking

 Internet for All

 Modernizing EI

 Taxing the rich

See our platform here 

ACORN Canada is a national, grassroots community union with over 140,000 members in 24 neighbourhood chapters across 16 cities. We believe that social and economic justice can best be achieved by building community power for change.

The pandemic has exposed and entrenched the deep inequities in Canada. Job loss during the pandemic hit lowest wage workers the hardest and the need for the government to provide and expand basic services and programs was needed and understood like no other time in this generaltion. It is now time for us to rebuild, putting people before profits. With the federal election around the corner, ACORN members in 24 of the lowest income neighbourhoods across the country met, discussed and developed ACORN’s National Platform.  

Affordable housing, internet for all, ending predatory lending/ fair banking, modernizing EI and taxing the rich – are what ACORN members need to see for a just and equitable recovery for Canada.