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ACORN Canada

ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Canada is a multi-issue, membership-based community union of low- and moderate-income people. We believe that social and economic justice can best be achieved by building community power for change. Each member has a vote, and only members speak for the organization and have the authority to set the policy and determine the tactics of each group.
Our local and national boards are elected directly from our membership. 
We have a long and deep history of organizing in low- and moderate-income neighbourhoods, fighting and winning change through a variety of means - including doorknocking; petitioning; local, regional, and national meetings (both internal and public forums); and last but not least, peaceful direct actions - all building power in the process.  
We have over 140,000 members organized into twenty-four neighbourhood chapters in nine cities across Canada. We have three levels of membership. Full members pay $15/month; associate members chip in what they can; provisional members join the vision of the organization. General community members wanting to participate are always invited to our community events!
Since 2004 we have won several important victories including payday lending legislation, raises in the minimum wage, housing rights by-laws across the country, affordable internet program, disability rights and more. 
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