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State of Repair: BC ACORN Tenant Survey

This report shows that the more needs be done to support tenants and hold landlords to account, as…

Posted April 27, 2017

Nova Scotia ACORN: Halifax Tenant Survey

In Halifax, 2011 statistics showed that 37% of households in Halifax were rented (STATCAN:, a number which…

Posted April 18, 2017

État des Reparations: ACORN Ottawa Sondage des Locataires

Ce rapport démontre que le gouvernement municipal doit faire plus car les locataires vivent dans des conditions de…

Posted March 16, 2017

State of Repair: Ottawa ACORN Tenant Survey

This report shows that the municipal government needs to do more as tenants are living in substandard conditions…

Posted March 14, 2017

Toronto ACORN: State of Repair

The Tenants' Case for Landlord Licensing in Toronto      

Posted October 28, 2016

The “Affordable Access Coalition” Phase 1 Intervention: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134

Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134 Review of basic telecommunications services    

Posted July 15, 2015

Housing Policy Impact Final Report

In 2013 AIC approached the Public Health Association of BC to assist it in a project aimed at…

Posted December 2, 2014

An Analysis on the Locations of Polling Stations in Municipal Elections in Ottawa

Through correspondence with the City of Ottawa, it was suggested to ACORN--by the individual responsible for administering polling…

Posted June 20, 2014

Guide to Developing an Inclusionary Housing Program

This guide identifies the main aspects of inclusionary housing that should be addressed in order to implement an…

Posted July 25, 2013

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