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Surrey Rally for Repairs - ACORN Canada

Surrey Rally for Repairs

Posted March 15, 2023

On 6th March, Surrey members held a Rally for Repairs at City Council yesterday! There were a few latecomers and a few early exiters but all in all 20 people came out to call on Mayor Locke and Council to listen to tenants! Members are demanding that Surrey City Council protect tenants from slumlords by licensing landlords and expanding the standards of maintenance bylaw to include common repair problems like broken appliances, mold, and cockroaches.

Emerging North Surrey leader Michael spoke about the urgency of the repairs that members are dealing with, and members took turns leading chants and handing out fliers to people passing by.

After over a month of silence, the City staff finally reached out the morning after the rally to let us know that our request for a delegation had been received by council and they’ll be deciding which committee to send it to at the next council meeting.