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Wayne Mahoney - ACORN Canada

Wayne Mahoney

Posted May 1, 2013

Wayne joined Ottawa ACORN in January 2011 at a local chapter meeting in Britanna. Since then he has been deeply involved in all aspects of being a community leader and member.

Wayne is a neighbourhood block captain – meaning he takes responsibility for letting his neighbours know about upcoming meetings and actions. Wayne has facilitated outreach tables at university events and community hubs, helping raise awareness about the work of Ottawa ACORN and why people should get involved.

When asked about what campaigns Wayne is most passionate about, he was unequivocal: “The living wage campaign, because working folks need a raise. People can’t live on the minimum wage, I’ve been there and I know.”

Wayne is also deeply invested in our campaign for improving ODSP/OW rates, benefits and keeping the special diet since this also effects his loved ones.