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Patricia Edwards - ACORN Canada
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Patricia Edwards

Posted July 27, 2017

Patricia Edwards has been busy since joining ACORN in April 2017. After helping out with the TCH campaign in Toronto, fighting for accessible internet in Ottawa, and protesting for tenant licensing in Hamilton, Patricia’s next step is to organize a sector in her own community, North Etobicoke. “The opportunity is great! People are given leadership opportunity, we’re allowed to take ownership of our community and having the backing of an organization to do this — that’s spectacular.”
Patricia grew up in Toronto, but moved to Montreal when she was 17 to perfect her french. In 2010 she decided to move back home with her two teenage daughters. Today she works at a fast food restaurant and recently went back to school to finish her High School Diploma. Before becoming involved with ACORN, she volunteered with Syme Woolner, a family services community centre. She’s hoping to go to College in the Fall and is considering Journalism, or Event Management. “The doors are open, there are lots of avenues.” 
Outside of helping organizer her Etobicoke Chapter, her goal for ACORN this year is to build the membership. “My favourite part of the organization so far has just been getting out there on the street, getting people aware, going to rallies. Even if they’re just driving by, people notice. Maybe they’ll remember hey, what was that ACORN thing we saw? I think that’s the best thing.”