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Donna Borden - ACORN Canada

Donna Borden

Posted November 5, 2014

Donna Borden heard about ACORN Canada after researching possible solutions to a predatory sub-prime $10,000 consolidation loan she took out in 2005. After 7 years Donna, like many other Torontonians, ended up being charged unknown re-financing fees totaling 1000s of dollars, all while paying usurious interest rates and never ending up paying off the original debt.   Donna had heard about the role ACORN played in regulating the payday loans industry after googling “predatory loans Canada”. She came to the office and joined on the spot after quickly learning that our democratic organization was built to help her in her crusade to create laws that would prevent predatory loans in Canada.
Since then Donna has become a leading member in the City.  She helped ACORN negotiate with Rogers communication executives on our $10 internet campaign. She also met with TCH officials about how they could do a better job getting money from the three levels of government to fix the repair back-log that is plaguing her housing complex in East York.  More to her core she has gotten an MP to introduce a petition to the House of Commons calling for an end to predatory lending practices in Canada, and helped our member-run board develop a campaign to rein in financial institutions, like CITI Financial, from preying on unsuspecting victims.