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Sheila Searles - ACORN Canada

Sheila Searles

Posted May 1, 2013

Sheila Searles is a Leader from the South Ottawa ACORN. She’s a woman who has always been an active in her community, having served on tenants associations and as the Shop Steward for her union.

She first became ACORN member in early 2009 after attending her first local chapter meeting. Sheila first heard of ACORN when another member knocked on her door asking her to buy a raffle ticket to help support the leadership conference to Toronto last year.

Sheila has been an active and passionate activist in our housing campaigns since she joined and was part of the leadership team that negotiated major renovations from Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) in summer 2009.  Those negotiations lead to her building and the neighbouring building receiving much needed new investments including new carpets in the hallways, new paint in the hallways, new security camera, new lighting on the outside of her building, new alarm systems, and individual unit repairs. She continues to be a leader within her building and community and actively meets with OCH as a leader of ACORN to ensure repairs and issues are addressed.

Her other leadership activities at Ottawa ACORN include: chairing local meetings, as an active member of our Reception and Fundraising Committee, acting secretary of Ottawa South chapter, member organizer and conducting regular outreach to increase capacity and membership.

Sheila recently received an award from the Eagle Training Centre as a leader of ACORN and as an outstanding senior citizen active in her community.  Members in her community nominated Sheila for her dedicated as a leader and her commitment to the organization and her community.

When asked about her favorite thing about being an ACORN member, Sheila said “…being in ACORN is about the fighting for equality an dignity for all. It’s through ACORN that we’re winning our social and economic security and its how we fight to end poverty.”

One thing Sheila’s fond of telling her neighbours is that the more people who who join from a variety of backgrounds the better!