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Pascal Apuwa - ACORN Canada

Pascal Apuwa

Posted May 1, 2013

When asked what direction he thought ACORN Canada should go in the coming years, Pascal Apuwa of Burnaby was clear, “I want my organization – ACORN Canada – to be the strongest advocate for our communities on the issues that matter; an affordable housing strategy, higher wages, and childcare for our families”.

Since Pascal joined ACORN Canada, he’s been a steadfast leader – taking leadership roles in campaigns that span everything from improving the apartment complex where he lives, to the campaigns for a National affordable Housing Strategy, Bill C-304 and  to raise the minimum wage in BC.

Pascal joined the organization after getting his first ever Canadian taxes done at ACORN Canada’s Free Income Tax Site in New Westminster.  It was that day that he first heard about the organizations commitment to community change through community organizing and he joined on the spot.  He is adamant on what the organization has done and can do: “ACORN Canada has empowered my community.  Together we put people and their issues first, whether it was cockroaches and bedbugs in our apartments or not having enough childcare for our kids.  We’re making progress on these issues because we empower communities to identify and solve their own problems.”

Pascal moved to Canada five years ago and is currently studying in a diploma programme in Community Social Service Work from Douglas College in New Westminster Campus where he formed the campus End Homelessness Society and was elected the President.