Ottawa Metro: Residents kick up some dirt on Michele Park

Complaints of poor lighting, crime, garbage, drugs, needles in park

Bay Ward Coun. Mark Taylor vowed to clean up Michele Park and make the area safer after a small group of angry residents held a protest there on Tuesday. 

Residents said there isn’t enough lighting on streets at night and are worried about gang violence and garbage in and around the playground. 

ACORN Ottawa, a non-profit organization that advocates for low-income families, organized the protest. 

“As you can see, the garbage laying around —that’s a big issue,” said Jessica May, a mother of two who lives near the park. 

“We don’t know what’s in the sand. I’ve discovered needles, I’ve discovered joints.”

“It’s just not safe.”

Taylor reassured residents that he will address issues such as lighting, garbage and recycling receptacles, and maintenance of the park. 

But he also requested that the community take an active role in improving the conditions of the park.

Taylor encouraged the community co-ordinator for the area to attend his upcoming bi-monthly meeting in January to address residents’ biggest concerns.

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