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Tune in to ACORN Radio’s newest show Maritimes and Beyond with Nichola Taylor - ACORN Canada

Tune in to ACORN Radio’s newest show Maritimes and Beyond with Nichola Taylor

Posted December 21, 2023

Check out ACORN radio’s newest show, “Maritimes and Beyond,” with host Nichola Taylor the Chair of NB ACORN!

Every week, Nichola dives into a half-hour chat with insightful guests who are making change in the Maritimes and beyond.

Check out the lineup of shows she’s done so far:

Maritimes and Beyond: ACORN and CUPE strengthening their organizational bond
In this episode Nichola Taylor engages in a conversation with Steve Drost, President of CUPE New Brunswick, discussing the anti-union policies of the PC government, reflecting on the 2021 strike, and exploring ACORN’s role in paving the way for others in New Brunswick.

Maritimes and Beyond: Everything you need to know about ACORN conventions
In this episode NB ACORN chair Nichola Taylor interviews ACORN Canada President Marva Burnett on everything you need to know about ACORN convention, past and present! Marva has been to every convention since 2006. Listen to her share some great stories to tell and give some insights about the upcoming convention in the GTA in June 2024!

Maritimes and Beyond: Green Party MLA Megan Mitton on politics in New Brunswick
ACORN Canada Radio introduces a new weekly show with NB ACORN Chair Nichola Taylor. This week Nichola talks with the housing critic for the New Brunswick Green Party about rent control, working with NB ACORN, and everything else to do with the NB politics

Maritimes and Beyond: The fight for disability rights in New Brunswick
In this episode Nichola Taylor connects with Shelly Petite, Chair of the NB Coalition of People with Disabilities and an ACORN member, to delve into the purpose behind the coalition’s existence and the necessary steps for addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities.