Surrey ACORN goes to City Hall to demand councillors stop delays, stand up for tenants!

Posted February 7, 2024

ACORN showed up as a surprise guest at the last Surrey City Council meeting–mobilizing to remind City Hall that tenants are suffering through another winter of unsafe and unacceptable conditions at the hands of Surrey slumlords. 

Progress on a City staff report back on ACORN’s campaign to bring landlord registration and better apartment standards to Surrey has been stalled since last April, so Newton Co-Chair Leslie MacFarlane got on the mic to remind City Council that tenants are waiting for action. 

Leslie spoke to the horrible conditions many ACORN members are experiencing this winter–lack of heat, chronic pest issues, and rotting balconies–and highlighted how unresponsive Surrey councilors have been to ACORN’s request for a meeting.

We’re going to be continuing to ramp up the pressure until Surrey City Hall commits to cracking down on Surrey slumlords. You can join the fight by signing our online action to send a message to City Council now:

Are you tired of dealing with landlord issues alone? Contact ACORN to get organized! Contact or 778-381-5446 for more info.