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Rally and March for Unfairly Evicted Tenant! - ACORN Canada

Rally and March for Unfairly Evicted Tenant!

Posted March 20, 2023

Vanier members held a Rally and March for one of our members Christine Miller, a tenant at the Concorde Motel who’s being unfairly evicted from her home.

Christine has been living at the Concorde Motel for over 20 years, but in December of last year, the owner of the Concorde Motel, Lou, suddenly wanted her out. Since then, Christine has seen repeated harassment from the landlord and recently received a $250(!) rent increase.

16 people were able to come out to the rally to support Christine and march down to the motel to demand a meeting with Lou, and the Ottawa Citizen and Capital Current were there to cover the action. Our efforts worked! After occupying the motel’s front lobby, we were able to force Lou to drive down to the motel for a conversation and schedule a follow-up meeting, so more details to come.