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Ontario Day of Action Against Developers - ACORN Canada

Ontario Day of Action Against Developers

Posted March 29, 2023

The PC Party received $250,000 in donations from major developers in Ontario and consistently passes legislation that puts developer profits over tenants’ right to housing. The same developers that are funding the Doug Ford government are actively lobbying for and benefiting from Ford’s policies that destroy affordable housing.

Since becoming Premier in 2018 and being re-elected in 2022, Doug Ford has come with a slew of legislation that has a devastating impact on low- and moderate-income tenants. The latest one being the More Homes, Built Faster Act or Bill 23.

That’s why, today, ACORN members held actions in 5 cities across Ontario to highlight the issue.


Members came out to confront Talisker and the 5+ buildings they’re developing on Main/Danforth. ACORN members snuck into their fancy downtown office and demanded to talk to somebody about the lack of affordable units in their developments! Members delivered their letter of demands for 20-30% of affordable units in all of their developments! Next, the members went to East York City Councillor Brad Bradford’s office to deliver the letter of demands as well! Bradford’s office was closed so members taped 15 copies of the letter to his front door so he can’t miss it! Members braved the cold for another hour and petitioned to repeal Bill 23 and handed out hundreds of flyers.



Tenants of 507 Balmoral Dr. and Peel ACORN members went to the Brampton City Hall to highlight the issues tenants of buildings owned by Pulis Investments are facing. Pulis Investments is a developer that typically buys low-storey apartment buildings and then renovicts/demovicts long-term tenants. We had 8 tenants out today. After the speakout outside the city hall, members went inside to deliver the demand letter to the Mayor of Brampton. The members then marched to the Pulis headquarters located two blocks away. Surprisingly, Pulis shut their main office from the Brampton location 2 months ago from the Brampton location but members still taped the flyers and the demand letter and also left some signs for them!

The action was led by awesome leaders Marcia Bryan and Tanya Burkart. Two brand new members Ruth Garner and Margaret Badley from 507 Balmoral Dr spoke about the issues tenants are facing.



Ottawa members came to protest Taggart Group, a highly loathed property developer in Ottawa. Taggart was one of the developers behind the demolition of affordable housing at 142 Nepean St. They’ve also given over $30,000 in campaign donations to the PC government.

The 142 Nepean St ACORN Tenants Union fought hard to get $15,000 and five years of housing at a neighbouring building at the same rent, but ACORN members say this doesn’t go far enough. Tenants need full rental replacement!

Sam Hersh from Horizon Ottawa and Angela Keller-Herzog from the Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability also came out to add their thoughts on the need for developer influence, rental replacement bylaws and Taggart’s role in deforesting at least 25,000 trees for another development project called Tewin.

Members marched their way to 225 Metcalfe St and stormed the Taggart offices. Taggart management were too afraid to face us after initially opening the door to members, so to let them know we weren’t leaving without a fight, members slipped a few demand letters under their door and kept up with chants (check out the short video) to demand affordable housing and full rental replacement for 142 Nepean St tenants.

Big thanks to Lydia, Sharon, and Marie Lourdes for doing a great job leading the action!



London ACORN members braved a blizzard to cover Kipps Lane/Carlington Heights in ACORN flyers outlining the devestating impact of Ford’s Bill 23! Members approached people at bus stops, local businesses and outside their buildings. The support was overwhelming! 50+ signatures were collected and 500 flyers distributed.



Members petitioned in downtown Hamilton to talk to tenants about the impacts on Bill 23 on Hamilton’s ability to build more affordable housing and protect tenants.