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Hamilton ACORN’s Holiday Scroogelord Tour - ACORN Canada

Hamilton ACORN’s Holiday Scroogelord Tour

Posted December 22, 2023

On Thursday December 21st, Hamilton ACORN came together for our final action of 2023: a holiday Scroogelord tour!

First Scroogelord on the tour was Family Properties, notorious for renovictions. Tenants of 221 Melvin just received a new wave of N13 notices with an unbelievably low buyout offer – right before the holidays!

Second Scroogelord on the tour: Elite Management, a classic slumlord. Tenants in 295 Melvin Ave deal with a variety of severe health and safety issues in their units – to the point where they are forced to purchase their own pest control chemicals to keep the pest issues under control!

The third and final Scroogelord on the tour was Lankin Living, formerly known as Drake Properties. The tenants of 335 Melvin Ave just received a notice for an above-guideline rent increase of 5.5% for the new year – to cover the cost of frivolous cosmetic renovations to the front of the building!

Members braved the weather to speak out about their Scroogelord experiences, and left some holiday-themed messaging posted on each building. When Scroogelords get greedy, tenants get organized!