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Hamilton ACORN Members Take on Doug Ford - ACORN Canada
Hamilton ACORN

Hamilton ACORN Members Take on Doug Ford

Posted May 26, 2018

Posted May 26, 2018

On Thursday, Hamilton ACORN members held their Real People (NOT ACTORS!) for Rent Control rally outside of Doug Ford’s rally for a “Better Ontario”.  ACORN  members gathered to bring attention to the PC Leader’s pro-landlord and anti-rent control track record, as well as recent comments that his party will be sticking with the status quo. The rally was lead by ACORN’s two chapter chairs Mike Wood and new leader Leslie Blackburn. 
For a party that says it is for the people, ACORN knows real people want real rent control. The status quo has done nothing to stop rents from increasing at unaffordable rates. 
ACORN was joined by allies including the Hamilton and District Labour Council which made up a crowd of around 50 people.   The main slogan “real people – Not Actors! –  want real rent control” was a hard jab at the Doug Ford campaign who infamously got caught paying actors less than minimum wage to appear at his rallies. 
~ Hamilton ACORN Leaders
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