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Chapters elections are a sign of ACORN’s strength in BC - ACORN Canada

Chapters elections are a sign of ACORN’s strength in BC

Posted May 3, 2024

It’s been chapter election season for BC ACORN! It’s a testament to the organization how much energy and passion the leaders – both elected and non-elected – put into making the elections a success.

Surrey has become a battleground for affordable housing, with ACORN spearheading the fight for landlord licensing and anti-tenant displacement bylaws. With the looming threat of redevelopment casting a shadow over working-class apartment buildings, ACORN members remained unfazed in their commitment to protected tenant interests.

Meanwhile, Brenda Locke and almost all of the council at Surrey City Hall are stalling on housing issues, and picking useless fights with the province on the matter of the RCMP and Surrey Police force. Fact is, ACORN cannot change the channel and get Surrey City Council working on something that matters (HOUSING) without strength within its local chapters.

In Newton, Tabitha Naismith as chair and Leslie MacFarlane were re-elected. Expect big things coming out of Netwon ACORN this year!

Meanwhile, North Surrey ACORN welcomed a new wave of leadership with the election of Michael Taylor as chair, supported by Partricia Harrison who was elected as Co-Chair.

With this group of leaders at the helm, ACORN is on the move and going to make Surrey a tenant friendly city once and for all.

In New Westminster, Monica Bhandhari was re-elected as chair. New tenant leader Gary Rodden, who has been vocal about no-fault evictions in BC, was elected Co-Chair.

New Westminster ACORN had big things planned, including leading up B.C. ACORN’s work on provincial and federal campaigns, as well as creating a City Hall watch to ensure they had a keen eye on what was happening with city council.

Stay tuned for great things out of these chapters and join ACORN as we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of tenants across the province