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Calgary ACORN launches North-West Chapter and starts fighting for rent control - ACORN Canada

Calgary ACORN launches North-West Chapter and starts fighting for rent control

Posted January 25, 2024

After two months of dedicated efforts, the ACORN membership in North-West Calgary has officially launched its own chapter!

Members successfully voted to kick off the organizing drive in November, holding multiple meetings to address crucial issues such as rent increases, affordability of living, and minimum wage concerns. Following thoughtful discussions, the group unanimously decided to focus their efforts on advocating for rent control as a central issue affecting the people in the Northwest.

Taking proactive steps, ACORN members in the Northwest rallied for rent control and supported Bill 205 for temporary rent control in Alberta. Over 40 Christmas cards were delivered to the UCP Minister of Advanced Education, Rajan Sawhney, urging her to support temporary rent control. The cards emphasized the challenges faced by students who are forced to make difficult choices due to rising rents.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, members decided to take immediate action. On Wednesday, January 17th, the Calgary North-West ACORN chapter officially launched with elections for key leadership positions. Despite the challenging weather, the chapter successfully filled positions for Chair, Co-Chair, and Secretary.

**Election Results:**
– Chair: Keegan Colwell
– Co-Chair: Diana Bliss
– Secretary: William Gillis

Residents in the Northwest are no longer willing to wait for change and are demanding immediate action. On Wednesday, January 24th, members gathered for a rally to resist rent hikes at Riley Park Apartments at 11 AM. The rally brought together ACORN members to actively address rent increases and use their collective voices to demand change.

With landlords increasing rent and the UCP government’s lack of intervention, tenants are organizing to demand the change they urgently need. Keegan Colwell, the newly elected Chair of the North-West chapter, led the rally, sharing the hardships he faced with a $400 increase in rent.

“As a student, I was already on a budget, so now an extra $200 a month means that, even with a roommate and without a car, I’m working a lot more to afford to just live. This leads to more stress and more late nights spent studying. Any unexpected expense becomes debilitating. […] A rent cap is of the utmost importance to stop the burden from getting worse for renters immediately.”

Join ACORN for our municipal civics workshop on Wednesday, January 31st, at 7 PM at the Community Wise Resource Center (223 12 Ave SW) and learn how to engage with elected officials, understand the legislative process, city jurisdiction, and more.