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BC ACORN: Save on Foods? We wish! - ACORN Canada

BC ACORN: Save on Foods? We wish!

Posted March 4, 2024

On Saturday March 3rd, New West ACORN gathered to demand an end to the Grocery Gouge perpetrated by Save-On-Foods, a major grocery giant. Led by Canada’s second-richest man, owner Jim Pattison, Save-On-Foods has been hiking grocery prices to unprecedented levels, following the footsteps of other conglomerates like Loblaws.

ACORN’s Chair, Monica Bhandari, rallied the crowd, declaring their stand against corporate greed: “Today, right now, we’re taking a stand against the grocery giants who are squeezing us dry. We’re not just here to complain; we’re here to demand action!”

Following the rally, which garnered attention from CBC and Citynews, ACORN members marched into Save-On-Foods to deliver a letter of demands directly to a manager, aimed at owner Jim Pattison. They concluded the day by distributing flyers and gathering petitions, spreading awareness about ACORN’s proposed solutions to combat record food prices.

ACORN’s Demands:
1. Increased taxes on corporate grocery profits
2. Implementation of a cap on essential food items, similar to measures taken in other countries.

To support the cause, individuals are urged to take online action by sending an email to their Member of Parliament, calling for concrete measures to bring down food prices.