Action Q Residential Capital Towers 1240 & 1244 Donald Pest Control

Posted May 29, 2024

The Capital Towers ACORN Tenant Union, along with support from ACORN’s Vanier Chapter, held a rally on Saturday, May 18th to demand a proper pest control plan for both 1240 and 1244 Donald St tenants. Over 500 units make up Capital Towers, and they have been experiencing pest issues for over 4 years. If Q Residential was taking years of complaints from tenants seriously, we wouldn’t be seeing cockroaches and bedbugs plaguing the two Capital Towers buildings. That is why the Capital Towers ACORN Tenant Union and Vanier ACORN members held a tenant speak-out and then marched up to their office to hand-deliver a demand letter.

However, Q Residential closed the office early and was nowhere to be seen. The ACORN tenant Union posted their demand letter to their front door and attempted to reach the office by phone, but no one was willing to hear the tenant union out, not even an answering machine.

This lack of response from Q Residential only served to heighten the frustration and urgency of the situation.

We then went to flyer both buildings urging fellow tenants to call both Q Residential HQ, the building’s office and their local councillor regarding the ongoing pest infestation. The fight for proper pest control does not end here. We hope to hear a response from Q Residential.