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ACORN Votes 2021: Tax the rich - ACORN Canada

ACORN Votes 2021: Tax the rich

Posted September 19, 2021

Posted on September 16, 2021

Posted on September 16, 2021

ACORN Votes 2021: Tax the Rich

Globally billionaires increased their wealth by 54% in the first year COVID-19.  In Canada, the top 47 billionaires increased their wealth by $78 billion. The bottom 40% of Canadians own 1.2% of all wealth in Canada.   A 1% tax on wealth over $20 million would raise $10 billion in the first year alone.

ACORN’s Platform on Taxing the Rich

  • Introduce an excess profits tax, 
  • Introduce a wealth tax 
  • Close the tax loopholes used by the most wealthy that drain money out of the public purse.


  • Introduce a temporary COVID-19 excess profit tax that puts an additional 15% tax on large corporate windfall profits during the pandemic. 
  • Increase the amount of investment profits subject to capital gains taxation to 75%, the rate that was in place in 2000.
  • Boost the top marginal tax rate by two points, put in place a luxury goods tax on things like yachts and private jets and ask the very richest multi-millionaires to pay a bit more towards our shared services with a wealth tax.
  • Roll back the Conservatives’ corporate income tax cuts by three percentage points to 2010 levels. 
  • Ensure that internet giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon pay their fair share of taxes, just like every other company.
  • Close loopholes that include eliminating bearer shares, compelling companies to prove the economic reason for their offshore transactions and improving transparency on the taxes paid by large corporations. 
  • For the highest income individuals in Canada (those making over $210,000), increase the top marginal tax rate by two points to 35 percent. Those at the very top – super-rich multi-millionaires with over $10 million in wealth – will be asked to pay more towards our shared services with a 1% wealth tax.


  • Raise corporate income taxes on the largest, most profitable banks and insurance companies who earn more than $1 billion per year and introduce a temporary Canada Recovery Dividend that these companies would pay.
  • Create a minimum tax rule so that everyone who earns enough to qualify for the top bracket pays at least 15 % each year (the tax rate paid by people earning less than $49,000).
  • Implement a tax on luxury cars, boats, and planes as outlined in Budget 2021.
  • Significantly increase the resources of the Canada Revenue Agency to combat aggressive tax planning and tax avoidance. 
  • Modernize the general anti-avoidance rule regime to avoid banks and insurance companies to use tiered structures as a form of corporate tax planning that flows Canadian-derived profit through entities in low-tax jurisdictions in order to reduce taxes back in Canada. 
  • Work with international partners to implement a global minimum tax so that the biggest companies in the world are not able to escape the taxes they owe here in Canada.
  • Eliminate flow through shares for oil, gas, and coal projects.
  • Implement a national anti-flipping tax and national tax on nonresident, non-Canadians on vacant land and residential property.
  • A national tax on vaping products and require tobacco manufacturers to pay for the cost of federal public health investments in tobacco control.


  • Make foreign tech companies pay their fair share of taxes including sales tax and a digital services tax representing 3% of their gross revenue in Canada if they don’t pay corporate income tax here.
  • Work with the Biden Administration and other international partners to crack down on multinational tax avoiders.


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