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ACORN supports Vivre en Ville’s New Rental Registry! - ACORN Canada

ACORN supports Vivre en Ville’s New Rental Registry!

Posted September 26, 2023

ACORN is proud to support Vivre en Ville’s new Rental Registry in Ontario to track rising rents! Take 30 seconds to join the more than 5,500 tenants who have already anonymously added their rents to!

🚩What is a rental registry?
It’s an online database where tenants can register their rents anonymously so we can have better housing data to track rising rents.

The database created by ACORN’s friend & ally, Vivre en Ville, where tenants can anonymously register their rent.

It’s easy and takes less than 30 seconds to register. After registering, your rent will join the 5,500+ rents already on the new Ontario Rent Map.

🚩Why ACORN supports a Rental Registry?

  • A Rental Registry means more transparency for renters.
  • Better housing data to protect affordable housing and inform stronger policies.
  • Better enforcement of existing protections for tenants facing renoviction or major rent increases like AGIs.