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ACORN Hamilton victory at City Hall in fight for healthy homes! - ACORN Canada
Hamilton ACORN

ACORN Hamilton victory at City Hall in fight for healthy homes!

Posted March 24, 2021

Posted March 24, 2021

Hamilton, Ontario – ACORN Hamilton had a big victory yesterday at the Planning Committee. City Councillors voted unanimously to support Councillor Jason Farr’s motion to follow a staff report on amending the city’s property standards by-law to include more of the health and safety issues tenants face. 
In January 2020, ACORN worked with Councillor Terry Whitehead to bring a motion forward to review and update the city’s apartment property standards.
In the past year, ACORN attended three stakeholder consultation meetings for the review. It was important for the city to hear directly from tenants on what health and safety issues need to be included in the city’s property standards by-law.
The big areas of concern that ACORN had identified were: 
  • Intercoms and Security Locking;
  • Appliances Kept in Good Repair;
  • Mail Collection Areas;
  • Common Area /Hallways Cleanliness;
  • Ventilation Systems Cleaned;
  • Floors/Walls Similar Finishes Upon Repair;
  • Cupboards/Fixtures/Faucets in Good Repair
Before the committee meeting, Mountain Chair Veronica Gonzalez and East Hamilton Chair Dayna Sparkes held a virtual press conference with Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr.
During the committee, Veronica, Dayna delegated with first time ACORN members delegating downtown member Kathy Johnson and East Hamilton member Juan Balandra.
ACORN applauds this effort as a vital step forward to ensure tenants are not forced to live in substandard housing conditions. Next ACORN will be continuing to advocate for landlord licensing for proactive bylaw enforcement and restricting renoviction. 

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