ACORN giving tenants a voice in epic city council hearings on rezoning plan

Posted May 2, 2024

ACORN is right in the thick of things at the big two-week-long public hearing on Calgary’s rezoning plan.

Calgary ACORN kicked things off with a bang by rallying with allies at City Hall, pushing the council to get on board with rezoning Calgary for more affordable housing. Sure, building housing fast is part of the solution, but ACORN’s leaders are reminding everyone it’s not the only fix. The fact that there’s a ton of opposition to just blanket rezoning shows how tough the fight is for real affordable housing, rent control, and landlord licensing!

At the rally, Maggy Wlodarczyk, the Calgary ACORN City Centre Chair, spelled it out: rezoning’s gotta come with landlord licensing, and they’re putting the pressure on the province to give tenants real rights and bring in rent control in Alberta.

Stay tuned to ACORN’s updates as they keep pushing for fair housing and standing up for bringing tenant rights to Alberta!