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65/71 Sanford Ave S tenants unite against renoviction - ACORN Canada

65/71 Sanford Ave S tenants unite against renoviction

Posted January 9, 2024

It was wet and cold but rain/snow or shine ACORN members show up! Thank you to everyone that came in support today of tenants at 65/71 Sanford Ave S.

5 tenants remain at the 12 unit walk up apartment in Ward 3. In March 2023 all tenants received N13s to move out for major renovations. Tenants are awaiting hearings at the Landlord and Tenant Board and have received funding from the City of Hamilton Tenant Defence Fund to retain legal representation.

Tenants across Hamilton are facing displacement from their home under the guise of major renos. Landlords are abusing a loophole in the RTA that allows them to evict if work “requires” the unit vacant. There is a really low bar to prove need for vacancy and we know landlords never honour first right of refusal.

We ask everyone to keep showing up in support of tenants across Hamilton and we invite everyone to join ACORN at City Hall next Wednesday January 17th. Staff are reporting back on improvements to an anti renoviction bylaw for Hamilton. ACORN is calling on Councillors to support strong local policy to protect Hamilton tenants from renoviction!