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1310 News: Mac and cheese protest outside Ottawa MPP’s office - ACORN Canada

1310 News: Mac and cheese protest outside Ottawa MPP’s office

Posted October 10, 2013

OTTAWA – About 40 activists, pushing for a higher minimum wage, demonstrated outside Ottawa South MPP John Fraser’s office over the noon hour.
The “Don’t Be a Turkey” rally, organized by ACORN, called on the province to raise the minimum wage from $10.25 to $14 an hour.
Demonstrators walked along Kilborn Avenue, outside Fraser’s constituency office, holding redballoons that said “$14 an hour,” and shaking boxes of Kraft Dinner.
They also tried delivering boxes of macaroni and cheese to Fraser’s office.
Mavis Finnamore, one of the demonstrators, says it’s symbolic.
“What they have to deal with is very limited choice and supply, and for a lot of them, it’s going to be Kraft Dinner,” she told 1310News. “This is the stock and trade for a lot of people — it’s a nutritious meal, but who wants to really be having that for Thanksgiving?”
Activists at Thursday’s rally said minimum wage-earners are not just teenagers working summer jobs, but also people with children who are struggling to make ends meet.
Article by Kristy Cameron for 1310 News