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Member Blog: Tabitha Naismith – Why I Joined ACORN - ACORN Canada

Member Blog: Tabitha Naismith – Why I Joined ACORN

Posted May 15, 2015

Posted May 15, 2015

My name is Tabitha Naismith. I am the Newton chair of ACORN here in Surrey, BC. I became a member a year ago in February. Why did I become a member? One of the reasons I became a member is I love how ACORN is there to address important campaigns like the clawbacks with child support here in BC, fighting for fair internet fees across Canada and affordable housing. But also because of an ACORN organizer who reached out to me asking me what in my concerns were in the community I live in.
I live in Newton, where safety is a huge concern for residents here. Where I live I am in subsidized housing and we have a lot of problems with prostitution and drug activity right in front of our children. This is an issue we have been working on with the RCMP and other community leaders.
Also, I was involved in the campaign to end the clawbacks of child support in BC. I had the honour of going to Victoria in April of 2014 with three other single moms where we sat in on the legislature as guests of Michelle Mungall, who is the NDP critic for Social Development. We also had a few actions and I had the honour of leading an action and addressing the media. To have the clawbacks ended as of September 1st is definitely a huge victory for ACORN and single parents out there who didn’t have a voice. Child support is meant for the child.
It is important to be involved with ACORN, as with numbers our voices will be heard better. ACORN is a great organization to be part of.
Tabitha Naismith is a member of BC ACORN