Hamilton ACORN releases report calling for bold action to address Hamilton’s housing crisis

Hamilton ACORN Homes over Profit

Posted August 20, 2020

Today Hamilton ACORN released our report on Hamilton’s housing crisis at a press conference joined by Ward 3 councilor Nrinder Nann and Ward 8 councilor Jean Paul Danko. 
Mountain Chapter secretary Rebecca Hockridge-Guzzo and Downtown Chair Mike Wood led the press conference. Mike spoke about rising rents and the tactics predatory landlords use to force tenants out of their homes. Rebecca went through our municipal housing platform from our Hamilton ACORN’s Defending Our Homes Report.
The report outlines threats to the city’s affordable housing, includes case studies of renovictions, testimonials from ACORN members and highlights the policy three Canadian municipalities have implemented to act on the crisis. 
It is ACORN’s position that replicating the New Westminister Renoviction By-Law is legally possible in the City of Hamilton. While no city in Ontario has yet taken this step, the power is there for municipalities to license and put strong measures in place to disincentivize renoviction. 





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