Ottawa ACORN Wins Meeting for Tenants with their Landlord Timbercreek!

Ottawa ACORN Housing

Posted January 21, 2020

On Saturday, January 18th, ACORN members of 2880 and 2900 Carling, alongside tenants and advocates from across the city met outside of 2880 Carling to fight for their right to affordable and livable housing, and to protest Timbercreek’s negligence towards their tenants. Regardless of the fact that these tenants are living in units that are riddled with multiple, ongoing maintenance issues, Timbercreek (with the approval of the Landlord Tenant Board), is subjecting them to a 5.4% above the guideline rent increase- raising rents by $50+/month! 
ACORN’s rally included speeches by tenants who will be affected by the rent increase and the City Councillor of the ward, Theresa Kavanagh, a chant-filled march to 2900 Carling, and an attempted delivery of a list of demands to the building manager’s office. Even though the building staff would not open the door, members were not deterred. Tenants of the building proceeded to read the list of demands into a megaphone and chanted for 15 minutes before posting the demands outside the office.
About an hour after ACORN members and other supporters left, tenants received a notice slipped under their door that Timbercreek would hold a meeting on January 29th with tenants of the building! People power has won again. If you’re a tenant at 2880/2900 Carling ave please join us at the meeting to demand repairs and a halt on all future AGIs at 6:30pm in the lobby of 2880 Carling ave. 



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